Cheyenne Mountain

Day 7

Ok. This is the worst rv park ever. The camp sites are small, stinky and dirty. So when Lori came up with the idea of moving to a nicer place… I was on board. She found one 20 minutes to the south on Cheyenne Mountain. Yeah, that place. The one where NORAD plans on surviving a nuclear attack buried under ground. (See “War Games”)

So when the car is delivered this morning at 8 am we grab breakfast at a some restaurant that was painted red, white and blue EVERYWHERE and then we drove south to check it out. It’s perfect! It has large, clean sites with modern facilities, beautiful views and it’s only about three hundred yards from an impregnable nuclear bunker. I dont know about the bunker, but there were no vacancies at the campsite. The ranger at the park told Lori to just keep checking back online and one might become available and when we were about half the way home, one did! The plan then became; go hiking at “Garden of the Gods”, then load up and move camp to the new site.

Even though “Garden of the Gods” is easily the most pretentiously named park anywhere, it is genuinely beautiful and today, 5,000 other tourists agreed with us. We got out for a short walk and some pictures, but there were too many people crawling all over to really enjoy it.   We decided that we would go back early in the morning and we drove  back to the stinky rv Park, threw all of our stuff in the motor home and then drove off in it like we stole it!

Tonight the three of us are sitting in the cool, clear mountain air, relaxing on top of the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker, looking out over a beautiful vista, … for the first time since I don’t know when.

Tomorrow, We drive to Pikes Peak, for the delicious donuts!

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