Don’t be cruel to Graceland

Day 13

Even though last night the tornados and flash flooding missed our RV park, this morning we still left for Memphis during a steady rain. A steady rain that would follow along with us for the next 6 hours. In fact, we actually caught up to and passed through the really nasty part that beat up our motorhome last night while we were sitting still. This time, it had a shot at us while we were going 70 miles an hour.

It was a long, tense drive for everyone and by the time we got to “Graceland” eight hours later (six of it in heavy rain and winds), Lori needed a shot of tequila, I needed whiskey and Yogi needed to poop and to see a dog therapist.

After we took care of the above needs (The dog therapist will have to wait) Lori and I went for the short walk down Lonely Street to the “Graceland Welcome Center”, where we ate some country cooking, looked at all the Elvis memorabilia, including his jet airplanes. Tonight, by coincidence, is the 41st anniversary of his death… otherwise known as “Elvis Week”. Tonight the main highway will be closed so Elvis fans from all over the world can hold a candlelight vigil, walking down the road to the mansion.

Admittedly, I’ve never had strong feelings one way or the other for “The King”, but it is really interesting observing people that are so passionate about him that they are willing to travel on an actual pilgrimage. They still scream and cheer at the videos and his songs and a few actually take great pains to dress and look like him… all the time! You can, however, tell that Graceland peaked quite a long time ago, as did most of the people that come to see him. But, the faithful still come here and in turn, the people that manage the place keep Graceland open, well maintained and respectful of his memory. How would Elvis put it? “Don’t be cruel, to a heart that’s true.”

Anyway, tonight will be our last night in our faithful stead and protector from tornados and lightning… the “Mighty Thor”. So, when Lori and I went to observe the vigil tonight, it was a special moment in more than one way. This journey is almost over, but we’re hoping for many more.

Thank you… thank you very much!

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