Who is Ben Nelson

No… That isn’t Jimmy Buffett.  That’s me “photo bombing” my wife’s picture of one of our blueberry bushes in Georgia. For some odd reason, I thought that would be the best way to introduce you to me and to this collection of “mostly true” short stories that I’ve written for local papers the last few years.  Short stories about my life as a third generation Floridian, father of three, grandfather of (it’s getting harder to keep track), pet owner, contractor, businessman, lover of all things funny, former Mayor of the City of Bonita and husband to my wonderful wife Lori.  I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I had experiencing them and writing them.  I’d like to thank my entire family for their support and for cooperating in such a hilarious manner, the citizens of my small town for tolerating my sense of humor and my wife for her advice on what words may or may not be part of the English language and what things may get me run out of town.  Oh… and spell check!  Bye for now… feel free to write me and to tell me to stop using these dots … so much.

8 thoughts on “Who is Ben Nelson

    • My wife and I created the Cafe and owned and operated it for four years. We sold the Cafe a couple of years back, but still own the building. Have you eaten there before?

  1. Ben, these stories are great! I’ll be reading them at every chance I get.
    Bonita was such a magical place to grow up. It was Twainesque, back in the day. I miss that. Your stories really bring those memories back.

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