Pause for the Good Times

I don’t know about you, but time seems to pass by faster the older I get.  I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because, we tend to get busier as we mature.  Our adult lives are full… full of kids, work, relationships, love, conflict, good times and bad.  We’re so distracted by the business of life, each time we allow ourselves to pause and reflect for that rare precious moment, our journey seems to have covered such a long distance, but taken such a short time.

Of course, when we concentrate on times actual passing, (usually waiting for the water to boil, for the light to change, or for that couple in line in front of us to make up their mind what movie they want to see) time just about stands still.  More than likely, these things that “seem” to take 30 minutes… probably only take 30 seconds.  So, when the ride at the fair is fun, it’s over too quick.  But when it’s making us sick and we want off, it goes on and on and …ugh!

This year was a tough ride for just about everyone.  The foreclosed homes and lost jobs combined with the uncertainty and general anxiety that has accompanied it, has taken a toll on us all.  And yet, if we turn back through the pages in our minds, I think you’ll find that there are many moments there, frozen in time, that have touched our hearts and even now make us smile.  I remember…

The proud, noble faces of the World War II Veterans as they accepted the City’s thanks and how honored I felt to be able to shake their hands.

The children laughing and playing at Holiday in the Park in the “snow,” with the attendant continually spraying them with a fresh coat of “chipped ice”.

Watching our friend John laugh as his wife Mary Kay flipped upside down in her kayak.

Laughing as our friend John is then swatted out of his kayak by a karmic Oak tree limb.

The sight and sounds of thousands of people at Riverside Park, singing Three Dog Night’s “Joy to The World” together at Celebrate Bonita.

Time spent with my children.

Laughing as my friend Rick tries to pronounce “elephant” after sharing a bottle of good wine.

My grand daughters laugh.

The secure feeling of community, as my wife and I sat on a blanket and watched the “Movies in the Park” surrounded by so many friends and neighbors.

Walking on the beach with my wife.

Despite everything else, the year was full of wonderful moments, so the “ride” was over too soon.  This year, I am going to remember to hit the pause button for those moments when laughter fills the room, when the sunset takes my breath away, when my grand daughter wants to show me the card she made for me… for the good times.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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