Helpful People

“I think that burger is ready to flip,” said my buddy Nick, while peeking over my shoulder.  I rolled my eyes and looked over at Bill who was leaning against the rail on the deck with his arms crossed, smiling.  As I started rearranging the burgers I said “Hey Nick… can you do me a big favor?”  “Sure!” he answered, poking his head even further over my shoulder.  “Great… could you go outside and see if one of the dogs got loose?”  As soon as he was outside Bill locked the screen door.  We left him outside until the burgers were done. Continue reading

One Mans Service

At the Memorial Day observance at Riverside Park, I was tempted to talk about my father’s military service…but I didn’t.  I think it’s an important story about a unique and very American character, but it’s not the kind you would typically hear about on that hallowed day.  My father passed away last year about this time and he rarely spoke of his time in the Army, but not for the reasons one might think.  Continue reading

Philosophy of the Closed Mouth

There is no more valuable or more humbling art, than the art of knowing when to say nothing.  Unfortunately this is not a skill that seems to be embraced by our society.  I understand that we all have the right to express ourselves but I think most everyone would agree, that there is just too much talking going on in the world right now and not a whole lot being said.  News commentators, analysts, political pundits, weathermen and yes… politicians, seem to go on and on, like we’re being paid by the word and not for the content. Continue reading

A Gift from my Father

As a parent, I have always found it interesting to know that despite all of my careful planning and well thought out lectures, my children always seemed to see through my attempt to mold them and instead chose to learn things that I had not intended to teach, things that likely have more to do with who I am than I would care to admit.  I think (hope) that all parents and children have this in common and when I think of all the lessons I’ve learned from my father, I am reminded of a particular story about his childhood. Continue reading